Churchill 1 matchmaking

This is the most important part. If you want to train Russian crews, then you need a Russian tank. You can definately keep the Churchill I to train British crews, but it won't get the same accelerated training as a premium would currently it does, but that is an error, and will be changed. You are right about the packages being more or less the same though. That's what I thought packages being the same.

Yes the tread protection would be a plus, as well as a preferred matchmaking, crew trainer and as I do well with the Churchill 1 I figured I would with the 3.

If I buy it, it'll be a keeper. Not selling Premium tanks again. Actually I am not sure why they didn't add track armour on the Churchill 1 after that package, they change the turrets on other tanks.

World of Tanks Churchill I

That's something like 7 for 7. It's noticeably faster, and it has much better gun depression. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Please log in to reply. CSW 1 Posted 12 June - The gun on each does make them each fun to use: Edited by Fur1ous One, 12 June - GraciousEel 3 Posted 13 June - CSW 4 Posted 13 June - Maybe I need to rephrase the question. I understand the premium tank MM and crew thing. The latter really spanks it. Nuke 6 Posted 13 June - MushinWolf 7 Posted 13 June - GraciousEel 10 Posted 13 June - Is not premium, can use multiple packages.

Has a better top gun Vickers HV. Is a British vehicle! British heavies are not a great line for everyone to go down, as they have a very specific play style that changes at tier VIII. Slightly faster than the 1 the engine produces extra HP on this tank. Has side skirts to protect your treads without penetration of the skirts, the treads take no damage, unlike the 1, which can be damaged from every angle.

Has a weak turret the only weakpoint, even the rear is tough on this thing.

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Shoots very fast, has high dpm. Good XP and silver earnings. I was very impressed.

Premium time is really neat! I was considering buying the Churchill 3 to train the Soviet crews. The packages are the same The KV-1 is pretty dominant all over though tbh, at least once it has the 57mm or the 85mm. Both Churchills can lose almost half their health with one shot from the 85mm. The Churchys rate of fire with rammer rips KV's apart in all the close encounters ive been in.

Just aim for that letterbox shaped flap on the KV's front and let rip. As with most things in WoT,its situational-whos playing,backup,crew skills etc MushinWolf, on 13 June - The III does have a much stronger front hull but the turret is flat and much easier to pen, plus the KV-1 benefits from extreme angling. CSW, on 13 June - Well, I don't know what other answer you can be given.


Churchill III - Global wiki. plastelighpfinnet.ga

If you like your Churchill1, then you like the 3 just the same. I do not notice a difference with the 6-PDR on both. They use the same equipment, both run gasoline, same size, same speed, same gun. Conq and it's a horrible tank to play. Just load the best and baddest boosters that you have to complete the grind in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Black Prince is just as bad tho the MM may be a bit better since it's tier 7. The tier 8 and up are all great.

Churchill III matchmaking

I hope your right about the Tier 8 and up. I'm on the church 7 as well and the fun factor is about 0. The BP doesn't look any better. To answer your question though, no the VII isn't rigged to fight more tier 8 games than normal WG admits the new mm has made tiers 8 and 6 kinda screwed up and is currently trying to find a solution for it.

Mate, you have plus thousand XP of pure hell to look forward to. The Black Prince which I'm on at the moment is no better. In fact I want Wargaming to implement a team comms command that says "Acknowledged, I'll be there in 10 minutes" due to the 20kph maximum speed.